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How to bid


To enter a bid select 'auctions' on the menu and then select the item you wish to bid for from the list of current auctions. A full product specification will then be displayed. 

Placing a maximum bid (proxy bid) can be a great way to make sure you get those items you really want. Simply place the maximum amount you wish to bid up to. The fully automated system will then automatically bid on your behalf as other bids are placed. Don't worry though! The automated system will only place the smallest bid necessary for you to become the top bidder.
For example, if the item is currently at £50 you could place a maximum bid of £80. (Bids must be a multiple of the minimum bid increment). The system will immediately place a bid of the minimum increment on your behalf and will bid against any other bids until you have won the item or your maximum bid is reached.
Another example, if there is a current bid of £25 showing, but it is the result of Bob's £50 max bid. Michelle places a max bid of £60, the new current bid will be £51, The amount need to beat Bob's max bid. 

Bid4sport follows the standard bidding process. A lot consisting of one item or a group of items goes up for auction at a starting price. You attempt to outbid others by offering more money for one or more listed items in the lot. At the end of the auction time period, the products go to the highest bidder.

All bids are run in real-time, so you can watch what happens as the auctions unfold. When you place a bid you can track the status of each bid by referring to 'My bids info'.

You cannot lower you price with a new bid.

After the auction closes, you will be notified via e-mail of any items that you have won and when you can expect to receive them.