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Your privacy and security



At bid4sport, we believe strongly in protecting consumer privacy.

Any information that you supply to us during your visit to will be regarded as strictly private and confidential and will not be disclosed (shared, sold or divulged) to any third party, unless authorised by you, or if we are required to do so by law, or we require website development and access to the database is required by the developer.

You can visit the site and find out about our current auctions and view other sections within the site, without providing any information about yourself.

You will only be asked to provide information when you decide to register and enter into the bidding process or when you want to purchase goods. We will maintain this information and your transaction history, according to our strict security and confidentiality standards.



Cookies are small text files that websites place on the computers and mobile devices of people who visit those websites.

These files are then read by the website each time you return to the site. These text files allow a website to remember your device and how you interacted with the website, which is useful for a number of different purposes.

Our website uses cookies to track whether a user is logged into the website to personalise their experience and track bids, purchases and orders.