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Charlton Heston Secretarial Signature Shock!

Tuesday, 20 January, 2015
Email From AFTAL 

Dear AFTAL Dealers, an important massage.... It is now very much accepted that Charlton Heston used a secretary to sign almost everything he received through the post except his books. This came about by confirmation from his secretary and from at least two studies carried out by dealers since his death. It is not hard to see the difference between the secretarial version and his real signature. Indeed, because of the number of items that were signed by his secretary, the genuine example is now hard to find! We have already had to ask two AFTAL members to remove secretarial versions for sale this week following complaints from members of the public. Please check your stock, and if you have any Heston signed items for sale we ask that you remove them and have them checked against the study or elsewhere before listing them again. There is a a guide to what to look for here, cupy & paste into browser, please take some time to read it.