Fidel Castro Signed Award Reconocimiento Certificate Poster 2001 RARE

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Fidel Castro Signed Reconocimiento poster.
11.75” X 16.5” Full Colour Cuban poster/Certificate signed in Black felt tip ink by Fidel Castro himself. 
The Cuban revolutionary (born 1926 - died Nov 26th 2016) who overthrew the US-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959 and shortly thereafter became Prime Minister of Cuba. With the nationalisation of industry, confiscation of foreign property, and establishment of close ties to the Soviet Union, all under his regime, Cuba became one of the central players in Cold War geopolitics.
At nearly five decades, Castro’s was the longest non-monarchical regime in history. 
Sign of creasing, Bold signature by Fidel Castro in black marker pen. These are now becoming rare to find.
Dated July 26, 2001. A poster-like certificate issued in recognition of participation in the Brigadas Universitarias de Trabajo Social, issued to a Hassel Espinosa Illas.
Creases one right down the whole poster and one partly down one side.